Deep Sea Scouts

History of the 1st HMS Kelantan Deep-Sea Rover Scout Crew

Canoeing in Pioneer Bay

SUNDAY, 28th OCTOBER, 1945

At about 1400, Fred arrived with the truck and away we went with our canoe complete with two new paddles. Arriving at Pioneer Bay we had some trouble in getting the canoe down to the beach but after about twenty minutes she was afloat and ready for her maiden voyage.

We found the only difficulty was getting in in the first place, but once in, we found her even better than we expected. She will take two – no more and I think no less; she is fast and easy to manoeuvre, but you have to watch you don’t turn her over. Several of the chaps did have a spill, but the cork fore and aft made it possible for them to sit astride and paddle home that way. We had some good sport today and it was quite a change from just swimming. The Chinese Scouters seem to be falling off, there being very few with us today. I don’t think they trust Fred’s driving.

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