Deep Sea Scouts

History of the 1st HMS Kelantan Deep-Sea Rover Scout Crew

First meeting in the Den


Tonight we had our first meeting in the Den, D.S.S. from “Pioneer”, “Kelantan”, “Deersound” and “Anson” being present. Owing to the fact that Fred Yates was not present I was obliged to take the chair and in doing so, gave a rough outline of our future policy. Firstly, there was a lot of work to be done and a lot of material required. Secondly, we wanted the Den open every day, and programmes must be arranged as soon as we had finished work or, at least, had made the Den look something like presentable. Everybody agreed that it could be a good Den if we were prepared to make it so. Work will commence tomorrow.

The meeting lasted little over an hour but we had made a good start and I left the Den quite satisfied.

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