Deep Sea Scouts

History of the 1st HMS Kelantan Deep-Sea Rover Scout Crew

Sunday Outing

14th October 1945

by R.S.L. A. J. CLARKE.

Following our previous outing we again went for a tour of the Island, this time in a three-ton truck which, in view of the warm weather was much more pleasant than the bus. This time we made a more extensive tour, returning to “Pioneer” Bay for a swim after marking several beaches for future exploration. Once again we enjoyed relay races on the beach where the Chinese Scouters proved their athletic ability by giving us a¬†good run for our money.

Once more the question of a Den was brought up and our attempts to get back to our peace-time Den met with little success. We decided to approach the Fleet Chaplain, to see if he could help us and I arranged to meet Fred Yates during the week. Many new faces were seen and welcomed this week and “Pioneer” and “Kelantan” Crews were becoming old friends. We returned to the ship by 1800 hours, having gone ashore in D.S.S. uniform.

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